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0000801Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Buildings, Generalpublic2010-04-08 09:152014-01-27 08:10
Toady One 
0000801: Forges don't care if bars have a small PRODUCT_DIMENSION
On a reaction product [PRODUCT_DIMENSION:X] seems to be used to set how 'large' the item is, in terms of 'volume' in the case of bars and powders, 'strand count' in threads, and thread count in cloth. However, forges do not seem to take into account the [PRODUCT_DIMENSION:X] of bars. A bar of X = 10 works as well as a bar of X = 150.

Also, in a reaction if you have an item with [PRODUCT_DIMENSION:150] and a reaction like...
... The product will have 5 chances to be made automatically. For each [PRODUCT_DIMENSION:X] with a [REAGENT:A:Y:BAR:NONE:METAL:NONE] the product(s) will have their chance to be created X % Y times.
Create a custom reaction with:

and another with


A bar made with the first custom reaction can be used at a forge with no problem, even though it's only 1/3 the size of normal bars that come from a smelter, using the METAL_ORE value of it.

If a bar made with the first reaction is then used with the second, the result is that there are 15 TOYs of various subtypes in the shop, instead of just 1.
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If you make a bunch of bars with [PRODUCT_DIMENSION:1] and then try to smith something, does the forge require multiple bars? If it does, then this is effectively a duplicate of 0000130 (albeit one with a proper explanation as to what's going on).
Toady One   
2012-02-16 16:59   
I've fixed the vanilla case, but I haven't looked at modded reactions yet.