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0000804Dwarf FortressGeologypublic2010-04-08 09:462016-05-15 15:48
Toady One 
0000804: Mineral vein inclusions within large clusters behave incorrectly
When minerals occur as veins within a large cluster (rather than within a layer stone), the inclusions are sometimes placed within other veins or small clusters which happen to intersect the target large cluster, often reducing them to single tiles. This is most noticeable with native platinum spawning within large clusters of magnetite.
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related to 0001429resolved Toady One Native platinum appears within olivine as small clusters instead of veins 
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2010-04-21 18:41   
Soil layers devoid of minerals and such was also the case in v0.28, now that you mention it.

Though I remember there to be various things such as iron ore in soil in earlier versions. IIRC, v0.23, so perhaps the bug snuck in there at some point?

2010-04-21 19:58   
0.23 never had soil layers to begin with - that was the 2D version. Perhaps you're thinking back to the earlier 3D versions (e.g. versions since
2010-04-21 20:43   
I saw an alluvial platinum deposit in .38c, as well as a number of various opals similarly deposited. This was at a sea-side fortress, and the alluvial deposits were all in soil cliffs above the beach. I may actually have the save around somewhere...

Can't say I've seen one since, but I haven't tried recreating that fortress concept since either.
2010-04-21 20:53   
Yes, that must have been it, Quietust. As I've never played the 2D version. Thanks! :)
king doom   
2010-04-22 00:50   
I've only ever seen one alluvuial deposit, it was a small amount of gold and was mostly exposed in a hillside. Other than that I have never encountered anything in a soil layer. My current fort has four layers for example, and all are empty of anything bar soil.
2010-04-23 10:17   
Please direct additional comments on the ALLUVIAL issue to 0001407.
2010-06-09 14:04   
To clarify, the effective problem here is that when the mineral vein ends up being created with its "origin" (or perhaps any point at all, given the frequency at which this happens) within another vein/small cluster, it only overwrites tiles of that other inclusion instead of those of the cluster in which it was intended to be placed - for example, when a native platinum vein is placed within a magnetite cluster and happens to land on a vein of lignite, it only places native platinum walls on top of previously placed lignite walls (reducing it to a few tiles at most, sometimes even in multiple places if the two veins would have crossed over each other more than once) instead of placing them on top of magnetite walls (and possibly just leaving gaps where the lignite had already been placed).

2015-01-16 10:53   
(edited on: 2015-01-16 10:57)
DF 0.40.23 I think this bug is still with us. I looked in the worldgen cookbook thread for worldgens with native platinum. I found this one:
http://www.bay12forums.com/smf/index.php?topic=140180.msg5654385#msg5654385 [^]

Using dfhack reveal I found three tiles of native platinum (C) appearing as part of a vein of Hematite (B). There was a vein of Magnetite(A) not far away. So it looks like platinum ore is being limited to the wrong vein (and the wiki seems to suggest it should extend out from source vein).
http://imagr.eu/up/54b95de5b9198_sample.png [^]

(N.B. Screenshot is from F2 hotkey location)

Save file: http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=10455 [^]