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0008048Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Stockpilespublic2014-08-16 22:522014-08-18 07:22
Windows 7
0008048: Items not taken from barrels/bins and put into non barrel/bin stockpiles
Because dwarves would rather carry an entire barrel of something to an item, then carry the whole thing all the way back, I like to have a "ready pile" of non-barreled/binned items next to my storage stockpiles. The ready area consists of the same settings, but set to not allow barrels or bins, and it takes from the barrel/bin allowed pile. This saves a lot of hauling and stops a lot of jobs (especially farming and gem related) from getting cancelled because of barrel takers.

Dwarves do not take items from stockpiles with barrels when ordered to move them to stockpiles without barrels.
Make a stockpile of finished goods that allows bins

Now that everything is stored away, make another stockpile next to it that does not allow bins, and have the bin-free pile set to take from the first pile.

The bin-free pile will remain empty.
The stockpiles this has been tested with are items that are possible to store outside of barrels and bins; Things like finished goods and threads.

Thank you so much for your time!
clothing, empty, finished goods, hauling, seed bags, stockpile
duplicate of 0005992resolved Toady One Conflict between hauling jobs (i.e. filling containers) and other jobs using items in those containers 
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This seems to have been fixed after loading the save again. Waiting for haulers to finish up, but it looks good now
2014-08-18 07:22   
I think any buggy aspects of this are covered by 0005992.