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0008062Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Tradepublic2014-08-17 23:542014-09-04 11:39
Toady One 
0008062: Attempting to trade valueless item in exchange for a valuable item results in demand to surrender item
When I approached a bone carver with a fresh load of giant wren bone from the swamps a fair distance away, I assumed that the bones would be valuable to this merchant (having forgotten that bones are considered to have no value).

When I offered to trade the bones for a single bone figurine, however, I (rather surprisingly to me) simply demanded that the merchant drop the bone figurine.

As making item demands and other factors has an effect on your reputation, this behaviour is somewhat unintuitive.
1) Obtain bones or any other valueless product.
2) Locate a merchant and Trade without first picking up any desired items.
3) Attempt to exchange bones (or valueless product) for an item.
4) Trade screen will cancel and adventurer will demand that the merchant drop the specified item.
Expected behaviour: Merchant refuses trade without adventurer making a demand, preferably by mentioning that the item is of no value.

Rationale: Making a demand is an anti-social behaviour, whereas attempting to trade an item is a pro-social behaviour. The player would not expect an active anti-social action to take place from an honest mistake during a passive pro-social action.
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I got the same thing when I was trying to give a Lady the skull of a night troll who just happened to be her cousin. She kept being confused by the trade even though the conversation option said give something, so I tried trading her dress (was going to give it back), but it ended up with me telling her to drop the dress and trying to rob her.

Ended up putting said skull on a chair in the keep she was at.

Step two can be done with anybody and I did the option that said give something.