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0008272Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Generalpublic2014-09-11 10:112014-09-11 12:35
Toady One 
0008272: Butchering "nearby" check ignores Z-level
In order to perform the "Butcher an Animal" job, there must be a "butcherable unrotten nearby item", and "nearby" is defined as "on a stockpile or within 20 tiles of the workshop".

However, the distance check ignores the Z-level - it checks if the item's X and Y coordinates are within 20 tiles of the workshop edges (building.x_min - item.x < 20, item.x - building.x_max < 20, building.y_min - item.y < 20, and item.y - buildin.y_max < 20), but it does not check the Z coordinate at all.
Kill a butcherable animal on the surface, then build a butcher's workshop deep underground beneath it and more than 20 tiles to either side. Observe that the corpse gets selected for butchering once the workshop is moved close enough laterally, but it doesn't care if the workshop is 100 Z-level beneath it.
This dates back to the 2D versions of Dwarf Fortress, where it didn't have any noticeable effect; when Z-levels got added, the "nearby" job item flag check never got updated accordingly.
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