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0008326Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Justicepublic2014-09-20 14:362014-09-20 22:06
0008326: Dwarves moved from fortress guard to militia keep doing guard jobs
After disbanding a fortress guard squad and then creating a new militia squad with the same dwarves in it, these dwarves will start executing Beat Criminal jobs and hauling criminals to prison as if they were still in the guard.
1. create a guard squad under Captain of the Guard
2. violate a noble's demands
3. dwarves in the guard will start getting Beat Criminal jobs
4. disband the guard squad
5. create a militia squad with the ex-guard dwarves in it
6. dwarves in that squad will continue doing Beat Criminal jobs
It seems that if carrying out a justice sentence is assigned to an officer in the guard and is not carried out before the dwarf is removed from guard, or the whole justice enforcement is disbanded, then the task will persist and be executed by the previously assigned dwarf when he ends up in an active military position (inactive squads do not enforce justice as long as they stay inactive).
Dwarves in militia will not be assigned new justice tasks to carry out, at least.
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duplicate of 0001443confirmed Footkerchief Former guards continue to beat criminals 
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