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0008337: Deassigned creature from cage on Pasture and assigning to Pasture causes creature not to be released
I bought 4 animals from a caravan, constructed the cages onto my outdoor Pasture (Billy Goat) and indoor Pasture (Bitch, Dog, Hen). The hen arrived first, and I believe I just deassigned it from the cage, and then assigned it to the pasture after it was released, but cannot say for certain. The other three, however, I deassigned from their cages (removing '+'), and then immediately went to their respective pasture to add them there (intending to save on one animal hauling job to get them there). They just sat caged, and the dwarf I eventually assigned to only do animal hauling sat idle. I then reassigned the goat to its cage, started and paused the program (for the changes to take effect, but don't know if that's required), and immediately the dwarf came running and a job had been allocated. I then did the same things with the dogs, and they are now also scheduled for release.
I suspect it's significant that the cages were within their pastures. I believe I successfully assigned both release from the cage and assignment to pasture at the same time when the cage was "built" a few tiles away from the destination pasture. This resulted in an eventual release, followed by a return to pasture job (that was last week, so that version was 0.40.12).
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duplicate of 0006287resolved Toady One If animal stockpile overlaps assigned pasture zone, animals are not taken out of cages 
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Just to say that I've seen this too. I always assumed it was intended, since the creature in the cage is technically already on a pasture tile. It's been around ever since pasture zones were first implemented.

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See also 0006287.