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0008639Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Designationspublic2014-12-19 21:222014-12-23 15:03
Toady One 
Dwarf Fortress 0.40.21Mac OSX10.6.8
0008639: Dwarves Channel Tile They're Standing On
More specifically, while there are appropriate adjacent tiles they could channel from instead. Seems to happen when they're standing on a channel designation while digging out one next to it; then when they decide to do the channel they don't think to move first. On normal ground this isn't a problem but when channeling out an aquifer from above this results in a lot of unnecessary drowning. For that reason I think they should always stand to the side if at all possible.
Just designate a big region of earth for channeling and you should see it happen.
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2014-12-20 02:29   
Pretty sure this is already a bug.

Where you using more than one dwarf, btw?
2014-12-20 11:57   
There's another report for dwarves being hit by things while channeling straight down, but it wasn't about the channeling itself.
Happens with single or multiple dwarves, no difference I've noticed.
2014-12-21 02:33   
I'm not using 0.40.21, but prior to that the great majority of drownings while channelling aquifers occurred when more than one dwarf was doing the job. Dwarves won't dig under another dwarf (easy to see when there are drinking dwarves getting in the way). Have you actually single-stepped along to see them dig under themselves? My theory is that dwarves walk down into channels in that instant between the channel being dug and it flooding with water.
2014-12-21 03:17   
Yes. Here is an easy way to make it happen. Wait for the dwarf to start digging something, then designate a channel right under their feet. Assuming they don't decide to go have a drink or whatever, they'll dig straight down without moving first.
2014-12-21 04:21   
If that's the case then their behaviour may have changed. I suggest you upload a test case save that demonstrates it.