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0000892Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Equipmentpublic2010-04-09 12:492014-01-26 09:28
Jiri Petru 
Toady One 
0000892: Undrafted dwarves keep carrying equipment, soldiers get assigned items being worn by someone else (who refuses to drop them)
This is bordering between bug report and a suggestion but I feel it breaks the game so I'll post it nonetheless:

When you remove a dwarf from a squad, the equipment that was assigned to him (not only the uniform, I mean the specific items) doesn't reset. When you choose a new dwarf to replace him, he gets the same equipment as his predecessor. I would expect the equipment to forget specific items, revert back to the uniform and when the replacement dwarf is selected, assign him completely new and currently available items.

Combined with the fact that undrafted dwarves feel no hurry to actually remove their equipment (now assigned to someone else), this leads to a frustrating situation when your soldiers can't equip what they should and instead remain unarmed.

Thinking about it, that might be a second bug: Civilians don't drop equipment they are no longer assigned (or drop it only very slowly). Haven't verified this one, though. Or third one: soldiers can be assigned eqiupment that someone else wears (without having it assigned). Again, uverified.

Anyway, since this is making my fortress next to undefensible I'm reporting it with major severity.
1. Draft some soldiers.
2. Assign uniforms, wait for specific items to be assigned.
3. Look what items a specific dwarf has.
3. Remove the dwarf from the squad
4. Don't unpause! (not sure if it makes a difference, I'm just describing how I did it)
5. Select a replacement for the same position.
6. Check his specific items.
Definitely a child of 0000535
Equipment, military screen
related to 0004389new  Military dwarf claims weapon from injured squadmate, weapon now assigned to both dwarves 
child of 0000535acknowledged Toady One Equipping weapons/armor on military is erratic 
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2010-04-09 13:11   
I don't think you are assigning equipment to a particular dwarf. You are assigning equipment to a position that a dwarf holds. If the dwarf leaves/dies/is reassigned, the position retains its equipment assignment.

I thought that was the whole point of removing squad info from individuals.

We'll need confirmation if this is the intended behavior.
2010-04-09 13:25   
Yeah, it's meant to go by position:

http://www.bay12games.com/dwarves/dev_2009.html#2009-06-25 [^]

"There are various ways to tweak the equipment settings for individuals within a squad, and it all goes by the squad position and not the individual dwarf, though you can let a dwarf choose to use their favored melee weapon if ones available, if you don't care what they use. You can also assign specific individual items to squad positions."

However, if they're failing to hand over equipment to their successors, then that's definitely a problem.
Jiri Petru   
2010-04-09 16:09   
Maybe we misunderstood each other. Some definition: by uniform i mean things like "metal headgear". By specific items, I mean things like "<<+Copper Helm+>>".

I thought that if I replace a dwarf by another one, the new one should retain the old one's uniform, but (if the uniform allows infividual choice) not specific items. Eg: I have a dwarf with an "individual melee weapon" and he's chosen +Iron Maul+. I replace him by another dwarf that, seeing he can choose "individual melee", replaces the weapon by (silver pike). Is it intended behaviour (I think so) or a bug?

(In all cases I used the "metal armor" uniform that allows for individual choice.)

If I remove a dwarf from squad, then close the military screen and let the game run for a while, then go back and place a different dwarf on the exact same position, the new dwarf will choose completely different items.

If I remove a dwarf from squad and, without closing the screen, immediately replace him by another dwarf, the new dwarf will choose the exact same items assigned as the old one (which obviously is a problem since the old one won't drop them easily).

One of them has to be wrong :)

Jiri Petru   
2010-04-09 16:39   
(edited on: 2010-04-09 16:55)
A story in pictures says a thousand words. The following testing was done by creating a brand new squad with the "metal uniform". I don't have arsenal dwarf yet.

First, we draft a dwarf and wait till he makes his individual choices. This is his assigned equipment as shown in the military screen:
http://sklad.obrazku.cz/obr361861_dfbug1.png [^]

Seems reasonable enough. I activate him with the "move" order and wait till he finishes picking up the equipment. Then I look in his inventory. Note that couple of items (including the weapon!) is missing, thus making him combat ineffective.
http://sklad.obrazku.cz/obr361862_dfbug2.png [^]

I can't tell why he won't carry the pike - I have several with the same name. I know however why he can't carry the shield and leggins. They are easily tracked thanks to their quality (I don't have duplicates)... and right now they're being carried by a mason who's "constructing a building" and showing no wish to drop them. (He has them since his former service in military, but I've already disbanded his squad.)
http://sklad.obrazku.cz/obr361863_dfbug3.png [^]

---EDIT: From this point on, it is a huge mistake on my part :) ----

To further test my suspisions, I replace the dwarf in the squad by another one (without quitting the screen and unpausing). Sure enough, he gets assigned the exact same equipment set:
http://sklad.obrazku.cz/obr361864_dfbug4.png [^]

(EDIT: Duh, I'm blind! It's not the exact same set! For some reason, I had to see the screenshots next to each other to realise they are different.)

Unpause the game, wait for a while. The first dwarf undrafts himself, goes to the stockpile, drops some items (!) but keeps other (!). In a few minutes here he is, making an armor stand, wearing the helmet, gauntlets and breastplate now assigned to somebody else.
http://sklad.obrazku.cz/obr361865_dfbug5.png [^]

(EDIT: I was blind, see previous edit, there is actually no conflict here)

Needles to say, the new recruit now stands on his position armorless (one mason wears a half of his armor, the former recruit wears the other), waiting to ge slaughtered.

Jiri Petru   
2010-04-09 16:43   
(edited on: 2010-04-12 16:38)
Okay, I was mistaken and this bug report is false. The equipment does reset. See the edit in my above post. Sorry for making such a fuss.

BUT! I think I've revealed a different bug or two - First, civilians won't sometimes drop items (see the mason in my previous story who was carrying the +bronze shield+). Two, dwarves sometimes get assigned items that are being worn by someone else (who won't drop them).

2010-04-09 22:29   
(edited on: 2010-04-09 22:55)
Alright, I retitled the report to reflect that pair of bugs.

2010-04-12 15:20   
I've had the same problem- delisting a dwarf from military service and replacing him with another often does result in equipment worn/carried by the previous dwarf to be assigned to the new dwarf. This is noticeable when you do not assign specific items, but rather a type (like "an iron battle axe") and the arsenal dwarf assigns the "best" item available, which of course just happens to be what the recruit's predecessor carried.

The items held by the previous dwarf are apparently marked as available but simply not dropped. Making new, better items that the arsenal dwarf prefers over the old ones can cause the new items to be assigned instead.

Most DF players who reach here probably will think of this, however: a workaround is to flag all of the items worn by the ex-soldier for dumping and a garbage zone. As soon as refuse haulers catch up, they'll place the items in the garbage, which you can reclaim and happily use all you want.
Jiri Petru   
2010-04-12 15:23   
Anecdotal evidence shows that previous soldiers do eventually drop the equipment... when they go to bed. When this occurs in my fortress, 2 or 3 soldiers suddenly rush into his room to "Pick up Equipment" :)
Jiri Petru   
2010-04-12 16:21   
(edited on: 2010-04-12 16:30)
It also seems soldiers can be assigned items used by invaders or friendlies not under your control.

My commander just got assigned (copper scourge). The only three copper scourges on this map are all being held by invaders.
NOTE: Due to another bug, I have quite a few friendly goblins after reclaim, and my dwarves seem to by trying to use their equipment. Seems like I have to manually forbid it.

Jiri Petru   
2010-04-12 19:28   
(edited on: 2010-04-12 19:29)
They also can be assigned equipment that doesn't fit, like (large bronze breastplate).

It also gets confused by two-handed weapons. When you use the default uniforms with eg. (metal shield) + (individual melee weapon), the dwarf will pick up the shield and then won't be able to use the weapon. I believe dwarves should be intelligent enough not to use the shield in these cases (even though the uniform says so).

By the way, how do I put things like "buckler/shield" or "leather headgear" back to uniforms after I've deleted them? I can only see specific choices, not these larger groups. I've been experimenting with uniforms and it's completely messed up.

2010-04-12 19:39   
My best guess on this one is that removing a dwarf from a squad doesn't remove their alert status like one would expect.
2010-08-15 19:38   
Reminder sent to: Jiri Petru

With the changes to the military since this report, can you review it and see what parts, if any, are still valid? Thanks.
Jiri Petru   
2010-09-27 04:51   
I think we can close this bug, I haven't experienced it since Toady's changes
Winter born   
2011-01-01 12:14   
ref to #c3182 Am using 31.18

By the way, how do I put things like "buckler/shield" or "leather headgear" back to uniforms after I've deleted them? I can only see specific choices, not these larger groups. I've been experimenting with uniforms and it's completely messed up.

I am trying to build a leather training uniform and also noticed that the generic:
Leather Headware/legwear/handwear/footwear
and combined leather shields/bucklers
choices are unavailable in the "selection" list

can create new bug report on this if you want
2011-10-18 20:45   
Winter born, see 0001998 for your type of situation.

I'm marking this as fixed based on OP's comments.

Jiri, if a specific portion crops up and isn't covered by one of the other plethora of children to 0000535, please reopen this report and provide further information.