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0009067Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Building Constructionpublic2015-09-08 16:042015-09-08 16:38
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win 7
0009067: Active woodcutting shows negative distance and inaccurate amount of wood logs in building item screen
http://i.imgur.com/g37xdVF.jpg [^] I accidentally found this after few crashes when building floor. Could be that using logs of the same type of a tree than what a woodcutter was chopping down one caused the crash, or maybe it was something else. Avoiding using wood logs while woodcutting job was active solved the crashing problem at least. I'm not sure if the false amounts are given the entire time when the tree is being chopped down, or only in the exact moment when the tree falls.
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duplicate of 0004372resolved Toady One occasionally get negative distance value for materials for constructions 
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Duplicate of 0004372