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0003595Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Character Creationpublic2010-11-13 15:582010-11-13 16:02
Assigned ToLogical2u 
PlatformN/AOSWindows VistaOS Version64-bit
Product Version0.31.17 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0003595: Crash in Chargen when customizing characters
DescriptionThis crash only occurs in one instance, when creating a Human Outsider.

When you choose this 'nationality' it immediately sends you to the name choosing phase (Totally skipping the skill and attribute distribution.) however, hitting ESC will back you up to the attribute and skill point distribution screen.

However, there is no skills side to the screen, only attributes, and any effort to press the directional key to go highlight the skills side, the game will crash.

This is avoidable, if you first select another nationality (Human from X-town or Elf from Y-town or Dwarf from Z-town) back out, and THEN go choose Human Outsider and hit esc... The skills selection is there and the game will not crash.
Steps To Reproduce1. Create a new world.
2. Create a new adventurer.
3. Choose 'Human Outsider' nationality.
4. You will immediately arrive on the Naming screen. Hit ESC to back up.
5. You are now on the point distribution screen. You will notice that there are Attributes listed, as well as a big blank spot on the right side, with the words 'Skill Points: <Points here>)' However, there are NO skills to choose.
6. use the directional keys to shift over to where the Skill list SHOULD be. Game will crash.
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duplicate of 0003540resolvedToady One Adventurer Creation Crash [Outsider Skill Menu] 

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