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0003750Dwarf FortressPathfindingpublic2010-11-28 10:262010-12-03 02:00
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PlatformSDLOSAMD64 LinuxOS VersionDebian testing
Product Version0.31.18 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0003750: Occasional infinite loop, apparently caused by pathfinding
DescriptionThe game sometimes freezes up, using 100% CPU and refusing to respond to input or update the screen.
Steps To ReproduceLoad the save at [^]

Test history (pardon the random switching of tenses):
After loading and looking around for two to three minutes, freezes and eats 100% CPU; has remained frozen for ten minutes.

I tried again (starting at 6:55). After a minute, the game paused when a
Goblin Snatcher was detected. After another minute, CPU spiked to 100%
and the game stopped responding to input. Error log copied to
errorlog-6.55.txt. After nine minutes, the game still wasn't responding.

Try 3: Loaded, unpaused at 7:07. Game still unfrozen as of 7:15, so I ^C'd it.

Try 4: Loaded, unpaused at 7:17. Froze and spiked to 100% CPU at 7:18,
unfroze a few seconds later. When I looked back at the game at 7:25, it
had stopped responding to input, and it's still not responding to input
as of 8:24.
Additional InformationIt seems to be made much more likely by pathfinding problems, goblin ambushes, cages full of snatchers, and having a discontiguous burrow; however, I've seen what seems to be the same lockup happen without any (known to me) ambush. The freezes are often preceded by short (few seconds long) lockups that unlock themselves.
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-  Notes
Footkerchief (manager)
2010-11-28 12:48

Are you due for a season change? This sounds a lot like 0001899. Try letting it run overnight and see if it comes back to life.
deekoo (reporter)
2010-11-28 17:20

I'm due for a season change, but I don't think there's any ice on the map at
the moment.

Try 5: Loaded sometime before 16:49, looked around. It was 20th Obsidian/Late
winter when I checked. I looked around on the map for ice, didn't see any,
but did notice interface freezes that lasted for several seconds to about a
minute. Another snatcher showed up and paused the game; unpaused, it ground
onward into Granite and the arrival of the forgotten beast Aspast, a great
hairy mite with a bloated body and huge mandibles. The goblins are still
wandering around loose as of 16:59, and my dwarves are not enjoying the vermin shortage in the discontiguous burrow, but the game's running.
deekoo (reporter)
2010-11-28 17:21

I'll try running it overnight next time I get it to lock up, though.
deekoo (reporter)
2010-11-29 06:55

Try 6: Loaded at 17:09. Erratic interface hangs of a few seconds as I looked
around. No visible ice. When I looked back at 17:21, the interface had locked
up. At 17:55, it was still locked up, but, interestingly, the error log has been updating - so I hit escape in the hopes that it might actually let me save during the lockup.

6:19 the following morning, it still seems locked up and hasn't noticed that I hit escape; it has, however, added 106 lines of "path fail: dwarf,56,95,20 -> 97,78,165: Id #12755:Path Goal Undead Hunt:Station None at 56,95,20" to the error log, and seems to be continuing to add them every seven minutes or so. I accidentally ^Z'd the GDB attached to the game while poking at the error log, and fumbling around trying to figure out how to make the TSTPs go away caused gdb to complain that further debugging may prove unreliable - but a few minutes after that, it drew a single frame, so I spammed a bunch of escapes into the DF window. As of 6:30 or so, another undead hunt failure has shown up in the error log and I'm attempting to save.
deekoo (reporter)
2010-11-29 07:19

... and here's a save made during the lockup: [^]
Footkerchief (manager)
2010-11-29 07:29

Yeah, sounds like it's indeed pathfinding-related, thanks for investigating.
ElthMysterius (reporter)
2010-12-02 20:40

I think I'm getting the same issue, but not as bad as you. I'm getting almost-constant lockups that last from 10-15 seconds up to a full minute. In my errorlog, I have quite a few instances of:

loop path fail: <invalid goal> human,0,8,47 -> -8,8,47: Id #20022:Path Goal Seek Station:Station Mill Anywhere at 143,35,47

Repeated almost 20 times, with differing creature and job names. Amongst the creatures are some that are from the HFS, although I haven't even breached it.

So yeah, you're not the only one with this issue. I run Windows Vista 32-bit if it's any relevent.
Zeffrin (reporter)
2010-12-03 01:57
edited on: 2010-12-03 02:51

This sounds exactly like my trouble and I checked the errorlog and found that interestingly enough my guys were getting path fail while trying to hunt undead too

The only undead I know of at my fort is a lost miner who wandered into a cave never to return and never laid to rest, there's no path to him, how do they even know about him since there's been no path since before he died.

edit: Found the lost miner, somehow he got into the fort. Now I need to figure out how to get rid of him.

loop path fail: <same square> dwarf,Dump Item,141,120,172 -> 134,111,172: Id 0000776:Path Goal Seek Item for Storage:Station Mill Building at 148,125,173
loop path fail: <same square> dog,146,121,173 -> 147,121,173: Id 0000479:Path Goal Seek Station:Station Owner at 148,124,173
path fail: dwarf,Hunt for Small Creature,64,139,24 -> 45,156,24: Id 0000472:Path Goal Wander Vermin Hunting Spot:Station Milling Flood at 134,108,25
loop path fail: <same square> cat,137,135,173 -> 133,141,173: Id 0000815:Path Goal Seek Station:Station Owner at 135,124,173
loop path fail: <same square> dwarf,Dump Item,134,125,173 -> 50,124,174: Id 0000478:Path Goal Seek Item for Storage:Station Mill Building at 145,123,173
path fail: dwarf,89,133,24 -> 134,161,173: Id 0000472:Path Goal Undead Hunt:Station None at 87,130,24
path fail: dwarf,89,133,24 -> 134,164,173: Id 0000472:Path Goal Undead Hunt:Station None at 89,133,24
path fail: dwarf,117,125,143 -> 83,134,24: Id 0000472:Path Goal Seek Station:Station None at 83,131,24
path fail: dwarf,84,126,25 -> 144,120,173: Id 0000472:Path Goal Undead Hunt:Station None at 84,126,25
path fail: dwarf,84,126,25 -> 144,120,173: Id 0000472:Path Goal Undead Hunt:Station None at 84,126,25
path fail: dwarf,142,110,170 -> 82,130,24: Id 0000472:Path Goal Seek Station:Station Undead Hunt at 82,130,24

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