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0005919Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Invasionspublic2012-05-19 07:512012-05-20 14:44
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PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
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Product Version0.34.08 
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Summary0005919: Certain types of invading units remain post-siege, accumulating unaggressively at a specific spot
DescriptionThree sieges worth of war Cave Dragons and Trolls are hanging out at a specific spot in this fort (see [^]). They do not attack unless attacked first, even when civilians or domestic animals get close enough to be spooked by them.


- Siege 1 (goblins and war Cave Dragons), a small squad of Cave Dragons chased down and killed some military dwarves in the room they now occupy (previously a barracks). They remained their once the military dwarves were dead. The SIEGE indicator didn't clear for a long time after the goblins in the invasion force left.

- When the civilians were let out of the emergency burrow, the Cave Dragons showed no interest in hunting them down, even when the civvies got close enough for "Cancelled task: interrupted by war Cave Dragon". I eventually forbid items in the area and routed around them to stop job cancellation spam.

- A forgotten beast showed up in the caves and chased some units up to the Dragon camp. The Dragons fought and killed the beast.

- Siege 2 involved goblins, giant toads, giant olms and war Cave Dragons. While SIEGE was active all units seemed to behave normally and aggressively. However, once the siege had been waited out, all invading units left except the war Cave Dragons which then headed to the join the previous batch of Dragons.

- Siege 3 involved just goblins and Trolls. Again, the siege went normally, what was left of the fort turtled up and waited it out, and once the SIEGE indicator cleared the goblins left and the Trolls went to join the Dragons.
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Tagscave dragons, invader, siege, trolls
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related to 0004552resolvedToady One Siegers waiting by bodies of dead leaders 
related to 0006205new When siege tries to spawn in a 1x1 wide patch of land, siegers spawn sequentially. 

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