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0006393Dwarf FortressCreaturespublic2013-11-25 09:492014-12-02 21:39
Assigned ToFootkerchief 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version0.34.11 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0006393: CV_CONVERT_TAG doesn't require an exact match; creature variations are applied in reverse order
DescriptionI added the following to the [CREATURE_VARIATION:GIANT] creature template (in this order):


I get the following error:

*** Error(s) found in the file "data/save/region14/raw/objects/creature_temperate_new.txt"
GIANT_IBEX:Unrecognized Creature Caste Body Token: 43HEAD_HORN_NUMBERED

For reference, the IBEX's body tag is:


It appears that the CV_CONVERT_TAG is stripping the 4 from 4HEAD_HORN when it goes looking for HEAD_HORNs to replace with 3HEAD_HORN_NUMBERED.
Steps To ReproduceCopy the above into your raws and create a giant ibex in Arena.
TagsIntentional/Expected?, raw, raw file, raw files
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Button (reporter)
2013-11-25 10:26

Oh I should have mentioned, 4HEAD_HORN and 3HEAD_HORN_NUMBERED were/are both custom body tags of mine.

Update: changing the name of the 4HEAD_HORN custom BODY tag to 4HEAD_HORNS creates the illegal body tag 43HEAD_HORN_NUMBEREDS . So it's not just numbers that are disregarded - it's a 'contains' comparison when it should be an equality comparison.

Renaming the custom tag to 4HEAD__HORNS (two underscores) solves the problem.
Quietust (reporter)
2013-11-25 14:08

The problem is that it isn't requiring an exact match on the relevant token - when replacing HEAD_HORN with 3HEAD_HORN_NUMBERED, it changes 4HEAD_HORN to 43HEAD_HORN_NUMBERED.

It's also a problem with the order in which the replacements are being performed - if you put the 2HEAD_HORN -> 4HEAD_HORN one at the top, it might avoid the conflict.
Button (reporter)
2013-11-27 10:45

Upon further experimentation I have found that in fact, creature variation tags are applied in reverse order - from bottom to top.

I've been assuming this whole time that it would apply them from top to bottom, and creating my variations accordingly! This changes everything!
Footkerchief (manager)
2014-01-17 17:27

Given those revelations, I'm closing the report, but if you still consider this behavior a bug, feel free to reopen it. I'm on the fence.
Button (reporter)
2014-01-24 12:34

I think the partial token match issue still qualifies as a bug. Knowing the order in which variation tags are applied is nice, but the behavior is still there and could seriously trip up future creature raws.
Button (reporter)
2014-12-02 14:37
edited on: 2014-12-02 14:38

Update, this is definitely still an issue in 40.19. I modded in MAXAGE increases to the giant creature template. It scales up the maxages for giant creatures to at least 10 years, thus:


and so on. So, giant creatures belonging to base creatures with a 2-digit lifespan would receive maxages of 1010 years minimum, no matter how I order the conversions.

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