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0006888Dwarf FortressArenapublic2014-07-09 15:582014-07-12 17:04
Assigned ToFootkerchief 
PlatformOSWindows 8OS Version
Product Version0.40.01 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0006888: Game crashes when viewing unit preferences in Arena mode
DescriptionWhen viewing a armoured and skilled units preferences in Arena mode, the game CTD's. (only tried with Human Female so far)
Steps To Reproduce1. Open Dwarf Fortress, open arena mode in the default map.
2. Create a Human Female creature (Other species/genders not tried), skill it to grandmaster in which ever skills are appropriate, and armour it with steel.
3. After creation, press 'v' to view units, select your creature and press 'p' to view preferences.
4. Enjoy your CTD?
Tags0.40.01, Arena Mode, crash, preferences
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duplicate of 0006636resolvedToady One Object Testing Arena crash when trying to view creatur's preferences when it's holding an item 

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Clol7 (reporter)
2014-07-09 16:06

Additional Information: Crash does not occur when the creature has no skills/items.

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