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0007208Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Haulingpublic2014-07-13 07:472014-08-05 02:33
Assigned ToFootkerchief 
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Product Version0.40.02 
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Summary0007208: Workers will grab the resources closest to them when they take the job rather than the resource closest to workshop
DescriptionThis is an issue I don't recall from v34.

Previously you would set up a stockpile beside a workshop to feed it resources. The problem is that workers will now grab a resource nearest to them rather than the stockpile right beside the workshop.

This is a minor/major bug depending on how you view it. There are times it might be a minor annoyance, but other times it might cause major issues for a fort, especially in the early days when dwarves are multitasking and time is precious.

For example if you had a miner exploring far away from the mason workshop and needed him to build a table. Instead of running to the workshop and grabbing a nearby rock, he'd grab the nearest rock to where he is and haul it back to the workshop. Now that rocks have weight and cause dwarves to move very slowly.. this can end up causing your mason/miner to take a month to get back to the workshop. This happens on all workshops and is mostly an issue with anything related to resources which might be "heavy".

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Footkerchief (manager)
2014-07-13 09:14

Please upload a save demonstrating this problem to [^] and post the link here.
JasonMel (reporter)
2014-07-13 10:32

This is definitely not new. I recall this behavior from 0.31. The reason a stockpile by a workshop works is because the worker is usually in the workshop.
crossmr (reporter)
2014-07-13 16:35

I can't upload a save specifically demonstrating this. It depends on the location of the dwarf at the time he accepts a task. I guess I can try and catch a dwarf mid haul.

In earlier versions rocks and other things had no weight so they didn't slow down dwarves. I never noticed it then, but it probably wasn't a problem them. Now that they haul rocks really slowly though this has become an obvious issue. The same with dwarves who grab containers to go pick up 1 item. If they grab a heavy container (like a copper bin) they absolutely crawl to go get something, when the item they want to pick up is probably light and would take them no time at all. Choosing a rock miles from the workshop and taking a month to haul it there when there are rocks right beside it shouldn't be happening. Doesn't make any sense at all.
Footkerchief (manager)
2014-07-14 22:02

Yeah, catching a dwarf mid-haul would be ideal.
crossmr (reporter)
2014-07-15 04:46

Okay here you go:

If you find the expedition leader, he's currently hauling a rock to the catapult. Rather than go out there and find one and start firing it off, from the stockpile right beside it. He's been hauling one from inside the fort for a long time. I couldn't figure out what was taking him so long, then I found him and there he was pointlessly hauling a rock across the map. [^]
crossmr (reporter)
2014-07-15 04:46

Note, this is now .40.03
crossmr (reporter)
2014-08-04 17:11

Still present in .40.06

This is pretty much a 100% behaviour. When a dwarf takes a task at a workshop for the first time, they will grab the first material closest to them, even if they are miles away and there is a stockpile beside the workshop. Now that rocks have weight, this means dwarves get caught plodding along.

I've noticed this continually through version after version and with every workshop.

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