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    ID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0011271 [Dwarf Fortress]
Adventure Mode -- Travel
minornew2020-02-01Animal divination curse removed on fast travel.
  00112405[Dwarf Fortress]
World Generation -- General
crashnew2020-01-31Large worlds with long history tend to crash
  00112611[Dwarf Fortress]
Adventure Mode -- Character Creation
crashresolved (Loci)2020-01-31Crash after creating a character in a world with almost no population
  0011267 [Dwarf Fortress]
Adventure Mode -- Buildings
minornew2020-01-31Dogs (presumably other pets too) help build things
  00078153[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Invasions
minoracknowledged (Dwarfu)2020-01-31Necromancers scared off by sheep
  00112581[Dwarf Fortress]
Adventure Mode -- Character Creation
crashnew2020-01-31Crash on Adventurer game start
  0011260 [Dwarf Fortress]
Adventure Mode -- Buildings
majornew2020-01-31Some fortresses and mountainhalls don't seem to generate, even though the map says they are there.
  000854421[Dwarf Fortress]
World Generation -- General
majornew2020-01-31Worldgen rarely makes it past "Age of Myth"
  0011254 [Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Environment
majornew2020-01-31Floating Water
  0011252 [Dwarf Fortress]
World Generation -- General
minornew2020-01-30Night troll joining a religion and entering civilized society
  00109351[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Announcements: Message Spam
majornew2020-01-30Dwarves get interrupted constantly by each other, rendering the fortress useless.
  0011248 [Dwarf Fortress]
World Generation -- Beasts
crashnew2020-01-30Crashing during world gen on MacOS
  0011246 [Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Visitors
minornew2020-01-30Villainous plot revealed/leaked in dwarven art
  00112341[Dwarf Fortress]
Adventure Mode -- AI
minorresolved (Loci)2020-01-30Player Does Not, In Fact, Control Every Action
  0011245 [Dwarf Fortress]
Adventure Mode -- AI
minornew2020-01-30Angered Party Members Brawl Each Other
  00111356[Dwarf Fortress]
World Generation -- Parameters
crashacknowledged (Loci)2020-01-30When i'm trying to make a New World from Advanced parameters I modified, the game crashes very often
  00112182[Dwarf Fortress]
World Generation -- General
minornew2020-01-30Advanced World Generation crashes on second generation attempt
  00112202[Dwarf Fortress]
World Generation -- General
crashnew2020-01-30Gets through World Gen, crashes to desktop on history
  0011241 [Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Artifacts
trivialnew2020-01-29Artifacts made of nonsensical materials, subject to self-theft
  00110346[Dwarf Fortress]
minorneeds feedback (lethosor)2020-01-29App wide keyboard lag in large windows
  00112374[Dwarf Fortress]
Adventure Mode -- AI
minornew2020-01-29Mounts/pets have trouble pathing through packed entrances like in surface forts
  0011236 [Dwarf Fortress]
Adventure Mode -- AI
minornew2020-01-29Mounted companions do not gallop to catch up to you while you're galloping
  00112331[Dwarf Fortress]
minorresolved (Loci)2020-01-29anaconda man cannot pet the dog
  0011235 [Dwarf Fortress]
Adventure Mode -- AI
majornew2020-01-29Pets Escalate Conflicts
  0011229 [Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Immigration
majornew2020-01-29Immigrant revealed as necromancer through Relationships screen
  0011228 [Dwarf Fortress]
Adventure Mode -- Conversation
minornew2020-01-29Cannot Ask Directions To Ringleader
  00111413[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Raids
crashresolved (Toady One)2020-01-29Game crashes when squad returns from raid
  00109396[Dwarf Fortress]
Technical -- General
crashresolved (Loci)2020-01-29segfault on "Saving fortress information" when trying to save, reproducible via savestate
  00107422[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Raids
crashresolved (Toady One)2020-01-29Game Crashes When Dwarves Return From a Raid
  00101747[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Visitors
minoracknowledged (Loci)2020-01-26Visitors don't sleep in beds in dormitories
  00112091[Dwarf Fortress]
minoracknowledged (Loci)2020-01-26noxious secretion affect the source of those, keeping them in combat and lower fps
  00112131[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Diplomacy
minornew2020-01-26Liaison leaves unhappy if mayor goes out on a raid
  00112152[Dwarf Fortress]
Technical -- General
minornew2020-01-25Crashing OldGenesis mod save
  0011217 [Dwarf Fortress]
Adventure Mode -- AI
minornew2020-01-24Amnesiac Companions (Reported in thread on forum, and replicated by me)
  00112166[Dwarf Fortress]
Adventure Mode -- Sites
crashnew2020-01-24Crash upon offloading site
  00085439[Dwarf Fortress]
Adventure Mode -- Movement
minorassigned (Footkerchief)2020-01-19Climbing still affected by "stunned" status after indicator disappears
  0011212 [Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Military Screen
minornew2020-01-18Candidate already assigned to squad with same name in old fortress
  00111993[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Non-dwarf Citizens
minorresolved (Loci)2020-01-18Sneaky werebeast hidden from game while fighting a human guest
  000694030[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Items
minorconfirmed (Dwarfu)2020-01-16Some plants unusable as food, brewing and planting.
  00112101[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Buildings, General
minorresolved (Loci)2020-01-16After trying to remove tables and chairs, they reappear in adjacent tiles and cannot be removed.
  00112071[Dwarf Fortress]
minornew2020-01-12Enhancement: alias or rename creature sex tokens
  00112052[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Transport/Hauling
minornew2020-01-11Tiles on top of constructed walls are marked permanently impassible where trees have been cut down
  0011208 [Dwarf Fortress]
minornew2020-01-10'propositional logic' is not possible to be discovered in current DF.
  00112061[Dwarf Fortress]
minornew2020-01-09Enhacement: custom caste icons
  000800114[Dwarf Fortress]
Adventure Mode -- Sites
tweakconfirmed (Footkerchief)2020-01-07Elf/dwarf sites can't be claimed (lack leaders and power locations)
  00112041[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Nobles
minornew2020-01-05Outpost liaison arrives hauling a rock
  00111491[Dwarf Fortress]
Adventure Mode -- Sites
minornew2020-01-04Campfire goes out in base, ashes remain animated as lit fires, still unpathable
  00101161[Dwarf Fortress]
minornew2020-01-04Objects disappear when dropped into campfire
  000742312[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Items
minorconfirmed (Footkerchief)2020-01-01Can't brew embark-bought fruits (in bags?)
  00102312[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Locations
majornew2020-01-01Scholars can never reinvent existing discoveries
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