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Summary 0002416: For jobs on edge of burrow, dwarves get stuck trying to complete the job from outside the burrow
Revision 2010-06-21 17:46 by Footkerchief
Description Problem: Dwarves tasked with jobs on borders of burrows sometimes elect to do the job from a tile outside the burrow, and sit there, apparently doing the task, but never completing it, endlessly until interrupted.

The problem occurs under the following conditions:

(1) Dwarf has a job (typically in my experience digging or smoothing) in which the tile to be worked on is inside, but on the border of, a burrow to which all civilians are restricted (using the Alerts).
(2) Dwarf attempts to perform the job from a tile outside of the burrow (even if there is an available tile within the designated burrow from which to perform the job).

When this occurs, the dwarf's General description shows him performing the task (Dig Channel, in this case), and the tasked tile blinks appropriately, but no progress appears to ever be made. The dwarf stays in that state, it seems, indefinitely, or at least for an extended time well beyond anywhere near normal task completion time (I let him go for several days of game time before interrupting the job by undesignating those tiles for digging).

The dwarf does not show the usual "oh-shit-I'm-outside-the-burrow" question-mark, and looks on the up and up to all appearances. He may be secretly enjoying flouting the Burrow restrictions.
Revision 2010-06-21 17:12 by Footkerchief
Description I have sometimes seen, and now have a save with it happening, a siutation where miners tasked with channeling out an area (to make a circular pit, in this case) dig fine for a while, but get stuck when they (1) are on the lower z-level of the channel, (2) come around to an unchanneled tile, and (3) attempt to channel it from one Z-level below while standing on the ramp next to it.

The dwarf just sits there with "Dig Channel" shown as his task indeterminately (I let it go for a few game days). I can fix it by eliminating the channel designation and ordering him to dig a ramp up instead. But until then, it appears that the miners will stay there until you notice them and change it.

In the save I have, I actually have three miners doing it within a few tiles of each other. The tiles are blinking properly, and all looks fine.

(I searched and read through the other reports on Mining/Channeling, and nothing seemed to hit this particular one, but apologies if I missed one on-point and this is a duplicative report.)

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