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Summary 0002416: For jobs on edge of burrow, dwarves get stuck trying to complete the job from outside the burrow
Revision 2010-06-21 17:46 by Footkerchief
Steps To Reproduce 1) Establish a generalized Burrow.
2) Set an alert that limits all civilians to that burrow, then put the fortress on that alert.
3) Designate an area for digging or engraving on the edge of that burrow, but within its borders.
4) Watch dwarf go to a tile adjacent to the designated job tile that is outside of the burrow, and get stuck on the job without completing it.

Obviously, this won't occur if the tile the dwarf AI chooses to do the job from is within the burrow.
Revision 2010-06-21 17:12 by Footkerchief
Steps To Reproduce (1) Designate a large area to be channeled.
(2) Let several miners go at it.
(3) Wait until they come around to a point where they are on the lower level of the channel attempting to channel a tile on the ledge above.
(4) Miner(s) stuck until the job is manually canceled.

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