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Toady One 
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0001000: Militia commander grabs all new weapons in the same hand.
I have a militia commander who has 1 crossbow, 1 battle axe, 2 short swords, all in the same right hand.

He is always the one grabbing all the new equipment of the uniform kind I have assigned him and other dwarves, however, he is the only one who grabs weapons, but then never lets them go. I have tried forbidding them and setting them to be dumped (with a dump area designated), but nothing works. He is also the only dwarf who ever trains, and is basically the only thing he ever does except for the ocassional leather working (his civvie job).
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duplicate of 0000648
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Toady may need an up-to-date save (0.34.02+) to fix this problem. It would be helpful for someone to upload a save to http://dffd.wimbli.com/ [^] and post the link here.
2012-03-27 15:35   
Bugged save: http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=6018 [^]
It is a test game I made to test the ocurrence for some bugs. The militia commander is using 3 weapons, one in one hand and two in the other. I deleted the first weapon assigned in the military screen but he didn't drop it. If you release him from duty, he will keep the weapons, but if you take them off in the military screen, he will drop them and will only take the assigned one when is back on duty. Hope it helps.
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related to 0000417: Axedwarf with missing hand wields shield and axe in same hand.
Toady One   
2012-06-03 18:41   
A few incarnations of this have been handled now. If you assign a bunch of weapons to one dwarf, they'll still grab them, but hopefully they'll be using different hands to the extent it is possible.