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Goblin Cookie 
0010031: Wild creatures that should normally be hostile due to their [LARGE_PREDATOR] tag are harmless if intelligent.
A bug that I have noticed for a long time due to things like friendly trolls but should have reported before.

If a creature has [LARGE_PREDATOR] or [OPPOSED_TO_LIFE] and no entity allegiance, so it is considered to be an 'animal' by the game it will normally attack the player in both modes. However if the creature is an [INTELLIGENT] creature or has [CAN_LEARN] or [CAN_SPEAK] (any of those tags) they are not properly hostile and will instead ignore the player.

This means it is impossible to create intelligent hostile creatures at the moment and the wild vanilla trolls are harmless even though they should not be given their tags.
1. Load up an adventurer.
2. Go underground.
3. Find a troll.
4. Walk up to it and say hi.
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2016-10-04 22:44   
I can confirm this. Modded creatures with the [LARGE_PREDATOR] and [INTELLIGENT] tags behave the same way.
2016-10-05 06:31   
That would explain the undead ghouls I made completely ignoring dwarves.

Can confirm.
2016-10-06 02:53   
That would explain the log saying that sparrow men, cougar men, etc. attacked me despite the actual creatures not doing so.
2018-04-07 08:22   
Still occurs post 44.06's hostility bugfix "(*) Made monster-type critters and non-monster-type critters have proper hostile again" in version 44.09
2018-08-05 07:22   
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Present unto 44.12, cavern trolls are entirely transfixed upon breaking a pathable object and will stand around for periods of time attacking it until it's gone with civilian dwarves ignoring it and trolls in turn ignoring civilians as they run past.

- To test, literally open up the caverns, try not to die to dangerous fauna and let trolls wander in and head towards your populated workshops/statue gardens.


They only react to the military targeting them with a sanctioned kill command for acting as they should as a large predator in a dangerous encouter you see in places like adventure mode.

Other bugged creatures like named large predators from 0008696 are the same, as they wont engage in lethal fight with civilians to start, and if they do fight it always ends on terms of the creature lying on the ground still living having been defeated in hand to hand combat and the fight ends. Even if they are a zombie.

The dwarves appear to be restricted by the sanctioning kill ethic to ever escalate, and even animals and the undead play parlay versus fistfighting civilian opponents instead of armed military dwarves.

0009047 seems to be relevant for armed opponent vs unarmed opponent.

2019-02-02 09:50   
v0.44.12: Drahflow posted a save in 0011018:

http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=14220 [^]
2022-10-03 14:26   
Happens in v0.47.05
Reptile men ignore civilian dwarves, even if adjacent to them

Funny thing is that it makes the military seem like bloodthirsty jerks for going out of their way to kill them