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0010073: Syndrome causing odd memorials
When a forgotten beast syndrome caused a dwarf to bleed to death in my fortress, the memorial slab attributed the death to a copper arrow from a goblin's bow during an invasion. However, no invasion happened that year, I've never seen a goblin by the name given, and I watched the dwarf bleed to death from the forgotten beast syndrome. It seems as if bleeding to death gets attributed to a goblin's arrow even if there were no goblins?

The forgotten beast was slain before the dwarf started bleeding, which may have been what caused the error?
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I have a related bug. My queen definitely died of alcohol poisoning during a massive party, covered in her own vomit. Yet her engraved slab claims that she was struck down by a giant wombat corpse. I have giant wombat corpses as normal wildlife on this map, but there's no way that one got anywhere near the queen.

Save uploaded as http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=13780 [^]

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Looking at the data in the save, the unit refers to a combat incident report, while at the same time giving a death cause of N/A.
The combat report correctly states that the death cause was suffocation, but incorrectly blames it on a giant wombat. At a guess, the wombat ended up in the report either because the fields weren't filled in, and thus data from an earlier report was left in, or a killer was added erroneously. The race of the referenced unit matches the race in the report.