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Toady One 
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0001011: Object testing arena, creature creation, footwear handling weirdness
In an effort to categorize how layers relate to armor I stumbled across a bug which seems to be limited to the object testing arena(haven't reproduced anywhere else yet), footwear and creature creation.

Chausses, when interacting with other footwear don't act consistently. With high boots you can only wear one a single chausses on your right foot. With socks they layer correctly. But with chausses + shoes or sandles you can wear only one shoe/sandle on your left foot.

I haven't tested all cases for socks + chausses + outer footwear, but high boots, socks and chausses would behave the same as just chausses + high boots but the socks are also be removed.

Socks seem to be effected similarly as well.

Note that one sock + one chausses (one on each foot) + high boots works(as near as I can tell) as expected but low boots(drops left foot under level) and shoes/sandles(both drop right foot over level) don't.

Also, low boots sometimes and sometimes don't layer correctly with either socks or chausses. But if you try to wear both two socks and two chausses you will end up wearing either one sock on one foot and a chausses on the other + low boots on both or endup with a situation like high boots.
In the object testing arena, add two chausses + a pair of high boots, shoes or sandles as specified to a dwarf/human(haven't tested others) and you should drop something. Check inventory to confirm.
Based on the limited testing I have done, assuming control of the whoever is missing whatever has allowed me to [w]ear it. It seems to stay on after releasing control so this is likely limited just to character creation in the object testing arena. Again, I have only done limited testing on trying to [w]ear the items fallen off upon creation.

This was tested using the default raws that came with 0.31.02.

An object testing category might not be a bad idea.

0.31.03, 0.31.16, 31.02, arena, Arena Mode, foot wear
related to 0005054resolved Toady One Adventurer wearing one sock prefers to put second sock on same foot 
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2010-04-13 13:37   
As of 0.31.03.

High boots now work and low boots don't, though I can [g]et and [w]ear any boot + under foot wear. I can't seem to wear under foot wear + shoes, though.
2010-04-13 14:04   
"With high boots you can only wear one a single chausses on your right foot. With socks they layer correctly. But with chausses + shoes or sandles you can wear only one shoe/sandle on your left foot."

I still don't understand this part no matter how many times I read it. I think you're contrasting several situations against each other. It would be clearer if you a) list all the foot/legwear you're wearing in each situation, and what it won't let you wear and b) explain the discrepancy between those situations.

2010-04-13 21:27   
(edited on: 2010-04-13 21:33)
In 0.31.0, upon creation of a dwarf(or other?) in Arena Mode using default raws giving him both over and under footwear results as follows.

pair of high boots + pair of chausses = left foot chauss(es?) on the ground
pair of low boots + pair of chausses = pair of boots worn over pair of chausses
pair of shoes + pair of chausses = right foot shoe on the ground
pair of sandals + pair of chausses = right foot sandal on the ground

pair of high boots + pair of socks = pair of boots worn over pair of socks
pair of low boots + pair of socks = left foot sock on the ground
pair of shoes + pair of socks = right foot shoe on the ground
pair of sandals + pair of socks = pair of sandals worn over pair of shoes

Assuming control of the dwarf and trying to [g]et and [w]ear the dropped item seems to work for some dropped items(like socks) and not others(like shoes).

What did and didn't drop was a little different in 0.31.02. I hope that is clearer enough now. I am sorry for the weird sentence structure on the bug report. I usually rewrite everything I type three or four times and I sometimes miss edit somethings.

Should read as:
"With high boots you can only wear ... a single chausses on your right foot. With socks[that is high boots + socks] they layer correctly. But with chausses + shoes or [sandals] you can wear only one shoe/[sandal] [and then only] on your left foot."

2010-04-13 23:22   
That's much clearer now, thanks!
2010-04-20 13:05   
(edited on: 2010-04-20 13:06)

Stupid session timer is too *&^%@#$ short.

The order is what matters, nothing else.

Under Layer
Under Layer
Over Layer
Over Layer

It doesn't work if you are creating something in arena mode(what is dropped varies, see previous posts) or putting them on both in adventure mode and in Arena mode.

2010-04-20 13:47   
Huh? Session timer?
2010-04-23 12:09   
If you start writing a long note and take your time then when you finally try to add the note it will throw an error asking if you are sure you haven't added the note already. Something to do with a security identification or some such, basically you took too long so Mantis isn't sure you are you. This wouldn't be a problem except that YOU LOSE ALL YOUR WORK! This has happened to me several times and is infuriating to lose almost an hour's work of careful verification, phrasing, and rewriting to what amounts to an arbitrary "you took too long" timer.
Toady One   
2012-03-15 04:44   
I think I've got this working for 34.06 in the case when the objects all fit on the person in some permutation, and there aren't layering conflicts (that is, all the reasonable cases). If you try to put on 3 socks and 2 boots, it may depend on the order and it may leave an object on the ground that could have fit (that is, you might find 2 of the socks on the ground because it got confused), but I don't think that's an important case to catch -- the proper behavior isn't well-defined.