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0010141Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Itemspublic2017-02-18 04:312021-03-17 03:38
0010141: Missing text on desgins based on performance troupes
I ordered some figurines based on a performance troupe. The description seems to want to include a race for them but leaves a blank instead. I assume it's because they're a mix of elves and goblins and perhaps as a performance troupe they're not linked to any one civ.

Description reads:
"The item is an exceptionally designed image of in gold by Linkot Nelasgusil. The are travelling. The artwork relates to the formation of The Symmetric Flutes in the midwinter of 652".

Requires a word such as 'of goblins in gold' and 'the elves are travelling'. Even better would be 'the dancers are travelling' or something similar.
Order figurine
Select "Design Related to Civilization or Other Group"
Choose a performance troupe (have not yet experimented with other mixed race groups).
Read description
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Got an empty image while engraving wall for ranger guild.
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Yeah, that's 0011404 specifically. But no doubt the two are related.