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0010205Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Buildings, Generalpublic2017-04-23 05:522019-03-02 11:42
0010205: Constructs break pathfinding on very large embarks
If you embark on a sufficiently large area (Unknown what the exact number is but around 12x12 is a good start point), odd pathfinsing issues occur. Dwarfs will keep getting lost with "Drop off inaccessible" for no apparent reason, but the main issue is what happens with constructed floors, tracks and other constructions.

If you construct a wood floor for instance, all squares surrounding that floor will suddenly become cut off from the rest of the fortress. the dwarf who built it will suddenly go idle and never pick up another job (or at least, if they do, it takes a very long time, longer than is reasonable to wait). In addition, if you were to try to build, say, a table in an adjacent space, it reads as "No table", even if there definitely is one in an accessible stockpile.

This can lead to odd situations where if you build a single floor in the middle of a 3-wide tunnel, everything on either side of that floor will be cut off from each other and dwarfs will not attempt to cross it.

The only way to solve it is to reload the save, but it re-occurs the very next time a construct is completed.
Embark on an area that is very large; unknown exact dimensions, but generally anything large than 12x12 to be sure.

Try to build a (C)onstruct, such as a floor or track (these are the constructs I specifically tested with).

Notice that the dwarfs who built it suddenly stop moving and refuse to pick up a new job.

Alternatively, do this indoors and try to build a table adjacent to or on top of the construct. Notice that the table will be disabled due to "No accessible table" even though there definitely is one in a stockpile with a clear path. Also not that if you do this indoors in a 3-wide passage and place the floor in the very center of the 3-wide passage, it acts like an invisible wall and all dwarfs on one side who don't have an alternative means of exit will now act like there is an invisible wall preventing them from crossing the floor.

This can be temporarily fixed by reloading a save.
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