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0010244Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Buildingspublic2017-06-01 04:412020-02-13 20:38
Toady One 
0010244: Crash after trying to delete and renaming a zone/location
I was building a camp in adventure mode when this happened.
When I tried to delete a location I have assigned to a zone, but since it doesn't provide an option to delete, i was forced opted to remove the zone and I did, before I tried to rename the excess location, into blank. In purpose so that it doesn't clutter the list with unused temple location.

However it ended up failure after the game suddenly closed when I hit ESC to end my building mode.

Carefully delete a zone, then close the building mode before continuing to rename the location into short (not a blank name) is the solution I made to avoid the crash.
1) place a zone in the building mode, adventure.

2) assign a location to it.

3) close and return to the building mode.

4) delete the zone, create a new zone, and add a rectangle

5) close the building mode and you have the crash
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related to 0009917new  The game crashes when you try to create a zone in your own built site, maybe because of the "Flow" function 
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2017-06-05 09:46   
I'm having trouble with this step:

4) delete the zone and try to rename it a blank space ( using C on every name combination it uses as a name)

I'm not seeing a "rename" option anywhere. However, creating a new zone after deleting one, adding a rectangle, and exiting to the build menu does crash for me.
Toady One   
2020-02-13 20:38   
Got this to reproduce with even fewer steps - it's just haphazard, since it involves mem stuff. Any time you've deleted down to zero zones, you are in danger. Fixed for next time. Of course, there could be additional more complex issues, but it seems good now.