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0010256: Human Traders cannot be interacted with
When their arrival is announced, one wagon will appear at the edge of the map. The wagons have a mishap, sometimes at the edge of the map or sometimes within my fortress. The wagons are listed as missing or deceased. There is no discernible cause for this. There is has been no declaration of war by the human diplomat that arrives after the caravan. Some merchants remain on the units list, but the trade depot says "There are no merchants trading right now."
This happens almost every year.
My duke is assigned to the military during this month. I do not know if there is any connection.

I have a gold road entering my map from three directions. This seems to happen most often when they enter the map from the bottom edge.
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duplicate of 0007185confirmed Footkerchief Horrified merchants immediately destroy their wagons, pack their goods and leave the depot 
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The prime suspect is not a bug, but the result of how you run your fortress ;)

Merchants are extremely skittish and bolt at the sight of half a goblin tooth. Bolting means scuttling the items hauled and heading for the edge for animals and deconstructing for wagons. When one flees, the others follow.

You have to keep all remains of sapients cleaned away from the line of sight of all merchants, or they'll bolt.

The only indication of them bolting is to catch them in the act and seeing the exclamation mark over their heads as they panic.

As a result of what's said above, you should keep your corpse stockpile away from the the prying eyes of merchants, and definitely not within eye sight of the trade depot.

Also note that only merchants panic at the sight of remains: their guards are hardier and will continue on.