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0010262Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Thoughts and Preferencespublic2017-07-04 11:022020-02-23 06:57
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0010262: Dwarves not receiving happy thoughts from eating good meals
Although my fort is resplendent with masterpiece roasts, I noticed a lot of dwarves are unhappy about a lack of decent meals. So I decided to follow a dwarf who was eating a masterfully prepared meal, then checked his thoughts when he was done and saw that he was still unhappy/stressed about a lack of decent meals.

Another dwarf was eating next to him, so I saved the game to catch this person's meal in the act for the sake of a bug report.

I've uploaded the save here: http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=12994 [^]
The uploaded save is centered on a farmer, Kivish Kibeggut, eating an exceptional roast. Wait for the farmer to finish eating, then view her thoughts and preferences. It will say "She is uneasy after a lack of decent meals for too long."
No mods or utilities were ever used during the course of this game.
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It might be tied to *where* the dwarf eats the meal. A gem setter in the same save is eating a meal in the tavern and gets a happy thought from it, while the farmer is eating in the library and gets no such thought.
2017-07-05 01:41   
I believe the happy thoughts from good meals was removed in the needs rewrite and replaced by eating favored food items and ingredients (and they're incredibly bad at locating meals containing things they like, while raw ingredients and booze is sought out).
It can be noted that the gem setter likes Radish Wine, which is one of the ingredients of the meal (a rare case of actually picking up something good, rather than just something at random). However, at the save time there is already a happy thought about a meal (presumably the previous one).
If you look at the meal description, it say something about a greater likelihood of the meal containing something the eater likes.
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Not that this is a major problem in most forts, see issue: http://www.bay12games.com/dwarves/mantisbt/view.php?id=9660 [^]

That said, most forts I make tend to one chronically-unhappy asshole because sheer chance generates a person who feels nothing in response to all the meager comforts keeping everyone else happy, and instead wants things less easily provided.

2020-02-23 06:53   
Still present in 47.03, by comparison alcohol as a need is straightforwardly dealt with in that all interactions with drinking alcohol fill the need even when they negatively reply to repetitive consumption, and ones including a preferred type incur the maximum need benefit.

By means of not being able to eat (like goblins being served drinks but unable to take iniative eating) or having specific ingredients, the dwarf will usually grab from a stockpile raw ingredients to eat at a table and recieve a positive thought but no need increase. Needing inarticulate kitchen meal-mixing micro management to mix in what they like for the pallettes of up to 200 indivdual fort dwarves.

They'll still eat prepared meals unspecific to their tastes in nearby stockpiles by proximity but won't be fufilled by it.
2020-02-23 06:57   
0004665 & 0010954 being applicable in terms of how easy it is to source mostly buggy meat preferences (vermin organs etc.), though offsite plant ingredients can be tricky because of merchant nessecity & restrictive biomes for planting seeds from bought eaten produce or tree-fruits.