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lowminorhave not tried
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0010338: goblins fighting in hamlet's subterranean
after starting in a human hamlet, i found 4-8 gobling hostile toward each-other and toward me in the subterranean, unbeknownst to the inhabitants above
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Are you sure that you started in a hamlet, because hamlets do not have subterranean structures, towns do.

Did you ask the goblins about their professions? If they replied as being lieutenants, they are outcasts/criminals.

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Goblins attacking each other (as per seemingly cascade) is present in another issue 0003685 resulting in infighting with goblin invaders & their non-goblin squadmates.
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it was a town, but it was in the basement also present in the hamlets' main building
they refused to talk outside whining about their injuries.

I've now explored the basement a little more, there are goblin skeletons, as if they were killing each other for while, and found one survivor, he said to be a liutenant and asked me to bring him to death and battle, he joined me as companion, then fleed. After asking him to stop hostility, he agreed, and fleed in another direction