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0010394Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Civilization/World Infopublic2017-11-30 10:442021-12-26 09:23
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0010394: Dwarves do not rescue other dwarves
When sent out on a rescue mission from the people menu in the civilization tab. dwarves will return almost instantly without going to the place with the imprisoned dwarves. On the rare, unreproducible occasion that they do, they will only raid the town and return without the imprisoned dwarves.
Once one of your dwarves have been imprisoned in another town, send a squad to rescue one. They will fail to do so.
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Still exists in 0.47.01
2020-02-04 11:54   
Also, I find that the same thing happens with recovering artifacts with their last known location to be on a person - this does not apply to artifacts stored in sites.
2020-02-04 12:35   
I have seen a few successful rescues (by raiding the site where the dwarf is imprisoned), but it is rather rare. It's possible that the prisoner list becomes "stale", with no actual chance of rescue (since the dwarf is no longer there).

Rescue missions (and people-chasing artifact missions) remain unimplemented at this point.
2020-02-04 15:02   
It can be noted that integration of prisoners into their captor's society if they have slavery ethics is actually very fast 0010645 shows when the rescue force ends up being attacked by the original raid-force who are now residents.

On 47.01, when a dwarf site by comparison is capitulated (usually by the tomb mummy villians), prisoners who have been there for a long time siezed for their crimes like necromancers are often released in the attack. The mission being sent out based upon the rumor and relevant mission information may be incorrect within a span of weeks to successfully rescue them from a hostile site they were being held.
2020-02-04 15:35   
The thing is, I checked the legends and there was no mention of prisoner movement or integration into society.
2021-12-26 09:14   
New information, if the [POSITION:CAPTAIN] is overwritten or supplied with a [ALLOWED:CLASS] it will work to keep races with exclusions to the allowed class in prison until a further date or they expire.

Example: crossbowdwarf group send on a pillage raid without opportunity to enter shooting phase or melee defenders will immediately surrender and all be captured, if the human hamlet they raiding are only accepts [ALLOWED_CLASS:HUMAN] to position captains (made and put onto human creatures for the purposes of a example) they will remain in captivity indefinitely rather than be recruited into the defenders and ruin the mission.
2021-12-26 09:23   
To the above point, the aggressive recruitment appears to be responsible, and it is also circumstantial that if each race is delegated a class to captain position, any slaves that are taken post-battle in w.g can also be freed with w.g event and do not represent in their captor's armies or site-defence unless its obviously allowed (captured humans in a inter-human civ conflict etc, or player dwarves captured by other dwarf nations).

Almost entirely related to 0006708 , on which i've commented on purifying the nations armies similarly of nonhistorical animal/semi-intelligent recruits through a similar fix.