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0010395Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Stockpilespublic2017-11-30 14:282017-12-22 22:45
Toady One 
64bitWindows 7SP1
0010395: Unidentified item in Food-Plants stockpile category is unaffected by [p]ermit and [f]orbid actions
The stockpile category for Food-Plants remains partially highlighted after the [f]orbid action is applied to it. If [b]lock all is used instead, Plants category fully darkens. Using [b], then [p]ermit, the Plants category also doesn't fully highlight. Similarly, [a]llow all correctly gives a full highlight to the category.

Though I made a brief effort to note which item is unaffected, I have failed to notice the unaffected line in the items column.
Create a food stockpile.
Use [f]orbid to disable various categories.
Note how Plants does not fully darken like other fully deselected categories.
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