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0010418Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Generalpublic2017-12-04 14:152020-02-01 15:52
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0010418: Some secret agents' real identities are visible and known to player character at start of play
My human adventurer is currently inside a tavern in her starting town. All of the tavern's patrons are people that she knows personally; in other words, their names show up on the 'p'eople tab of the 'Q'uest screen, and 'l'ooking at the tiles that they occupy shows their names and not just e.g. "the thin elf swordsman." It is clear from context (to the player, anyway) that most of these people are agents, and the names by which my character knows them are aliases.

For most of the agents, the name that shows up on the 'p'eople tab and when 'l'ooking at the occupied tile matches the name at the top of the 'd'escription screen for that character. However, in the following three cases, the name on the description screen does NOT match the name in the other two contexts:

*Athe Çomoÿemi, elf bowman (description: "Tomca Xetangamo")
*Cethire Elethamifava, elf spearman (description: "Omba Xugotbibe")
*Asno Stosbûbsmuksmum, goblin crossbowman (description: "Perad álatkixi")

Additionally, each one of these characters will respond to both names.
Reproducing this bug depends on the vagaries of world generation and character creation. However, it should be more likely to occur if your character starts out in a site where a lot of agents are present.
Save referenced in my description available here: http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=13282 [^]
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Found an additional wrinkle in this issue, illustrated in screenshots:
https://imgur.com/a/lkfSH [^]

Here, Nisam Specialjumped does not show up in the 'p'eople tab, but Lulo Umberrasped does. Also, 'l'ooking at the tile gives the same name (Nisam Specialjumped) as the 'd'escription of the character.

I think, but can't be sure, that the "Nisam Specialjumped" entry in the people tab was overwritten by "Lulo Umberrasped" when a third character mentioned Lulo Umberrasped as someone to speak to about directions.

Edit: confirmed that overwriting happens. "Sporro Boardonkeys," an elf, was listed under people that my character knows until a few minutes ago, when another character mentioned the elf "Ameli Cycloneportal" as being well-traveled. "Sporro Boardonkeys" is no longer on the list, while "Ameli Cycloneportal" now is. A quick check of the story list confirms that "Ameli Cycloneportal" is the real name of "Sporro Boardonkeys."

2017-12-16 10:17   
I decided that the "additional wrinkle" was a distinct enough issue to merit its own bug report: 0010454
2018-01-19 10:04   
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!!SCIENCE!! update for version 0.44.05:

Just started a new dwarf adventurer in a worldgen fortress. Of the people that he knows personally, four are spies. Here are their real names and the identities that they have assumed.

dwarf Èrith Galleybows => "Deler Snarlcity"
dwarf Imush Trammeledshot => "Monom Enjoyrope"
dwarf Uzol Showeredrelics => "Tun Braidgem"
goblin Utes Wereskunk => "Asmel Heroiclash"

My adventurer knows the three dwarf spies by their cover identities, but the goblin he knows by her real name. The only difference that I can find between her and the spies whose cover identities are working properly is that she had previously assumed a different identity while spying on a different civilization. By contrast, each of the three dwarf spies only has one cover identity.

2020-02-01 15:52   
Update: still present in 0.47.01.

Example: started a new adventurer in an important town. Found one of the people that he knows, a dwarf lasher, hanging out at a tavern. The name that appears when looking at the lasher's tile ('l') or examining his inventory ('l'+'a') is Cog Bronzefissures, but the name that appears when looking at his description ('l'+'a'+'d') is Solon Junglepages. The name Cog Bronzefissures appears in the list of people that my adventurer knows ('Q'+'p'), but Solon Junglepages does not. Checking historical events via the storytelling performance option ('k'+Enter+Enter) shows that Cog Bronzefissures is the lasher's real name, while "Solon Junglepages" is an alias that he assumed to infiltrate my adventurer's civilization.

Questions: Should my adventurer know this person by his real name or his alias? Where and how should these names appear to the player?