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0010470Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Buildings, Generalpublic2017-12-25 12:282021-06-16 01:02
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0010470: Sending a dwarf to a mission removes its assignation from the furniture
Sending a noble to a mission removes all assignations.
Any noble returning from a mission will have red [require] field in the [n]oble menu, and not noticing this in time makes them moody.
This resets ALL furniture and room designations, not just some. The rooms get labelled as assigned to "nobody".
1. put a noble in the military squad
2. send the squad to a mission
3. once the squad is back, press [n] and notice the requirements not met.
furniture, missions, noble, room
has duplicate 0010591resolved Dwarfu Reassignment of rooms for Nobles 
has duplicate 0010730resolved Loci Sending the Captain of the Guard on a mission unassigns them from their rooms. 
has duplicate 0011078resolved Loci When a Captain of the Guard goes on a raid, all of his assigned rooms/belongings are removed 
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2018-05-06 08:27   
I have noticed this too. I dont think it is just for nobles though. I like to have elaborate tombs for all my soldiers, and when I sent them on a mission, all the tombs become free.
2018-05-27 16:21   
I can confirm, the military dwarves sent ouy on a mission are considered as new migrants when they come back.
While they retain their rank they lose their accommodations (rooms and so on) the moment they leave.

If you check on dwarf therapist by migration wave you'll notice they appear always as the last migration wave.

Also in legends you'll see them having settled in your fortress every time they come back from mission.
2018-05-29 15:47   
http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=13792 [^]
2018-07-01 14:13   
Still happening in 44.11
And from the test it's not only nobles.

On a fortress i have every soldiers having their own room assigned to them (through a bed)

When they return from mission not only the military nobles have lost their assigned furnitures but all of the beds that were assigned to the soldiers are now assigned to "nobody" and so you have to reassign them by hand.
2018-07-02 02:46   
@Robsoie: If rooms are free for the taking returning soldiers should claim new rooms automatically if you don't have specific assignments in mind.
2018-07-28 16:48   
They don't reclaim the rooms that have been assigned to them prior a raid

Anyways, it's still happening in 44.12
In my fortress i have made rooms (bed, tables and chairs) with the items being assigned to married couples, and in that fortress every dwarves is part of a squad..

When i send my squads to a raid, when they return the rooms aren't assigned to them anymore, and very oddly the beds have a new owner that had nothing assigned to him before that, the tables and chairs became free too.

Extremely annoying bug if you raid often as you have to re-assign everything manually.
2021-06-15 18:46   
In 47.05 this is still happening. All dwarves who leave on a mission lose their holdings, and do not regain them upon returning. I first noticed this when I saw sleeping dwarves in my hospital floor and investigated why they weren't in their room.

Maybe there needs to be a placeholder for when someone's out on assignment, so when you view [R]ooms it has a note "Away on mission" where it should say their name, and when they return as a migrant there's an added check to see if that dwarf has holdings in your fortress and automatically reassigns their owned rooms to them. This might be an interesting thing mechanically to do if you want to name a dwarf who hasn't yet migrated to your civ maybe? Like you can nominate liaisons, nobles, duchies, royalty etc with holdings as a means to attract them to your Fortress?
2021-06-16 01:02   
For whatever reason Toady implemented external excursions by removing the participants from the fortress when leaving and then re-add them when returning, with the only (known) remainder being that they're still assigned to their squads.

Personally I'd prefer if dorfs leaving the fortress are marked as absent/away/whatever when they leave the embark, remaining in the Units list, retaining their property, etc. and only be removed when their absence becomes "permanent". Dorfs on a mission would thus be removed only when confirmed killed (similar to how dead dorfs within the embark are "missing" until discovered or lost for long enough), or settle in an occupied settlement "permanently" (which currently happens to the entire squad immediately, where I'd like to see them become an occupation force that gradually settle over time unless recalled, rather than allowing you to recruit one or two of them back to the fortress as is currently the usual case).