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0010486Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Managerpublic2017-12-31 07:082018-06-03 20:28
MacMacOS Sierra10.12.6
0010486: "melt-designated" trait in manager orders screen not working
I am trying to add a condition to a work order on the manager's work order screen something along the lines of:

Amount of melt-designated items
  available is exactly 0

I am trying to make the steel workflow orders wait until all items are melted first. However this condition is always satisfied for the next check even though in the SW corner of the magma forges room, there is sitting about a 100 unforbidden melt-designated items. The furnace operators are taking from this pile and melting them as normal. There are no burrows involved. The melt-designated trait is obviously not working and not counting the numerous melt-designated items.

http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=13366 [^]
Load the save file above and try experimenting with the melt-designated trait and you will see that it is not working at all.
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(edited on: 2017-12-31 11:29)
This bug with malfunctioning conditions in job manager applies not only to melt-designated. It affects conditions with milking and shearing too. Game is not recognizing when there are no more animals to milk or shear, which leads to numerous job cancellation spams.

Though it works just fine with cheese making and spinning for some reason.

Workaround could be to milk once monthly and share once seasonally, given very large herd of animals, which becomes tedious to take care and hits your fps. Though walling animals in, saves your Dwarves constant and annoying job of re-pasturing animals.

Because of this bug I didn't even try auto butcher with job manager. Idea would be to automate animal care on pastures. Hunters bring corpses of hunted animals unfit for butchering on their own, which leads to butcher job cancellations anyhow...

2018-06-03 20:28   
The inequalities seem to assume 0, even if you specify a particular (valid) item type:

when there are melt-designated items available (not in a container, either in a stockpile or not),

Amount of melt-designated items
 available is

exactly 0 = satisfied;
not 0 = not satisfied;
at least 0 = satisfied;
at most 0 = satisfied;
greater than 0 = not satisfied;
less than 0 = not satisfied;

exactly 1 = not satisfied;
not 1 = satisfied;
at least 1 = not satisfied;
at most 1 = satisfied;
greater than 1 = not satisfied;
less than 1 = satisfied;