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0010501Dwarf FortressGeneralpublic2018-01-04 05:312018-01-07 14:32
Toady One 
MacMacOS Sierra10.12.6
0010501: Crash after 5s of loading save (inaccessible minecart)
If you load the game below, it will crash 5s after you unpause it. I have tried changing settings in the init files and everything I can think of to no avail. I am running plain vanilla 0.44.03 with no starter packs and no mods or anything like that. I saved the game last night after spending the whole day redesigning my defences, using a whole load of spiked traps (which I have not used yet, so should show no wear). Please can I take a look as I don't fancy abandoning it at this stage. Thanks!

http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=13384 [^]
Load game, unpause and wait 5 seconds.
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2018-01-04 05:42   
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Well, what do you know, after making this bug report, I continued trying to fix it by doing a d-b-f to forbid everything in x-y-z space, this fixed the crash. I then narrowed it all the way down to a minecart on level z-44 that was inaccessible because I had closed off a hatch to prevent access to that part of the mine track. The game probably crashed as there was no way to find an accessible path to the minecart for a dwarf to move it.

Interesting though is that the minecart was in the same inaccessible state for many hours late last night when I was playing, but the crash only happened upon loading the save this morning for a new playing session.

2018-01-06 11:02   
Didn't crash for me on windows with multiple attempts. Perhaps someone else with a Mac can try to reproduce the crash?
2018-01-06 16:33   
I found out what was causing the crash, see my post above. Interesting though that it doesn't happen on Windows. Wonder if that is a memory difference thing between the two computers.
2018-01-06 22:51   
Some DFHack investigation confirmed that the minecart in question (item ID 275623, vehicle ID 5, position 51,46,47) is assigned to the "siege ammo" route. Interestingly, while the item has that position, the vehicle (not sure on the proper name there) has a position of -30000,-30000,-30000. That might be the case for all "off-route" minecarts, though; I'm not sure.

Anyway, forbidding that minecart or unassigning it from the hauling route does seem to stop the crash. I tested it on a Mac, but crashes like this generally aren't tied to specific platforms - they can behave the same way (crashing vs not crashing) fairly consistently on certain systems depending on a variety of factors, but that doesn't mean it'll always crash on OS X and never on Windows.
Toady One   
2018-01-07 14:32   
Fortunately this crashed reliably in the IDE for me, so this bug, which has been haunting Linux/Mac for years, is finally fixed for next time. The seed is planted when you delete the first stop in a route while the V is there, but the crash doesn't happen until a dwarf tries to use the minecart.