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0010525: "It has started raining" is creating a vast sea of blood pools on surface.
During dry period cats *(Dwarves probably too) passing through "blood pool" tiles on surface are getting blood smear all over themselves.
Walking is not spreading it and this option also on default is turned to NO.
Rain drops do clean blood pools during rain.

"It has started raining" creates an entire new sea of new blood pools on surface.

If rain drops are removing blood pools, then how comes "It has started raining" is creating entire sea of blood pools?
1. Have fortress with 100 Dwarves, get 10 quivers, 10 x-bows, order in job manager 20 jobs for wooden bolts, set 10 Dwarves to hunt.
2. Wait 2 seasons for hunters to start continuously bringing kills in.
3. Watch for first permanent blood pool appearing at your fortress entrance.
4. Wait for dry period and order mass wood cutting or mass channeling. Have all your Dwarves go out of fortress on hauling job passing that blood pool.
5. Wait for "It has started raining" announcement and awe the never ending sea of 100+ blood pools appearing on surface in an instant.
There are tones of blood pool bug reports, but they refer to filth spreading mechanics... Not popular among players... but legit DF mechanics.

Some of them complain even about filth spreading in water instead of dissolving in it. However not a single one of them refers directly to rain and how rain creates blood pools on surface, instead of removing them.

This is a bug report about the irremovable, permanent, persistent, annoying like hell and illogical DF feature of the everlasting blood pool at your fortress's entrance created by rain feature in counteraction to its intuitive function of washing filth off. I don't mind if rain takes it time to drop on a blood pool to wash it off, but "it has started raining" feature HAS TO BE REMOVED.

"It has started raining" event works to an opposite effect, what it suppose to do.
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duplicate of 0000296confirmed Loci Pools/smears/spatters of blood, dust and other materials multiply themselves, get tracked around too much 
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Are you sure it is actually raining water?
If you have embarked in an evil region there is a significant chance the region has evil weather that includes rains of blood. This blood is then from a civilized race (dwarf/goblin/elf/human), rather than a named individual.
Also note that evil regions can have both regular (water) rain and rain of blood.
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This exact problem is described in 0000296. Creatures become contaminated by blood, rain "washes the contaminants" off, creating more pools of blood, repeat.