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0010541: Captured militia commander causes strange squad behavior and crash?
I sent out my militia commander with eight soldiers on several missions. On their last mission, they finally engaged in combat, resulting in one lost soldier, three escaped, and five captured, including the commander. I assigned one of the three remaining soldiers as the new militia commander, but for some reason, they all seemed to start shuffling their equipment around, then just ignore grabbing their equipment altogether. One of them only had his weapon, his shield, and his boots on, for example, when they were all supposed to be equipped with full iron armor and weapons. The military screen checked off that they had all of their equipment on.

Turning their squad off Active/Training made them put their civilian clothes back on, though they were supposed to be wearing their armor even while inactive. Turning Active/Training back on seemingly made no difference.

I tried to fix this by deleting the squad, but this crashed the game immediately after each squad member returned to their civilian titles.
I'm not entirely sure which piece of the puzzle ultimately caused the strange behavior and the crash, but a safe bet for reproduction would probably be to have part of a squad get captured (including the commander), then disband the rest of the squad.
A save of the game probably wouldn't be very helpful to upload, as the last point of saving was before any raiding was performed at all, unfortunately.

Additionally, all my previous reports were performed on a Mac, so I don't quite know what else I am able to provide(or more importantly, how), but I would be willing to help more upon request if I can.
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Toady is aware of issues with sending the commander off on raids. In fact, he specifically said not to do it in the original release:

http://www.bay12games.com/dwarves#2017-11-22 [^]
"Be sure not to send off your commander if you are planning to reorganize your military, as they are the only one with the power to assign new squads and cannot do so while off the map."

This is also in the release notes.txt file.

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The military equipment screen checkmarks indicate that the dwarves have been *assigned* equipment, not that they are *wearing* it.

From your description, it sounds like the equipment of the captured soldiers is not being removed from the fortress stocks; your dwarves attempted to replace their old equipment when assigned "better" (and inaccessible) captured comrades' equipment.