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0010542: Migrant (void) dwarf married against sexual orientation (unwilling to marry lesbian)
A void migrant was shown to be an unwilling to marry lesbian according to Dwarf Therapist (and verified using DFHack's gui/gm-editor to view the unit flags), but she was still married to a hetero willing to marry male migrant (again verified using DFHack).

Thus, it seems DF doesn't take sexual orientation into consideration when arranging marriages for void dwarves. I don't know of the issue is exclusive to void dwarves, or can happen to hist fig converted migrants as well. Nor do I know if it can happen to married hist fig arriving as visitors. A suspicion is that orientation isn't checked in any of these cases.
RNG dependent.
There's little reason to check the sexual orientation of married dorfs, so it's only with the recent update of DT to show the whole orientation that you're likely to note any oddities.
Using the LNP r01 version with the Phoebus tile set. The world is a PSV world with all regions DFHacked to have all legal creatures available and all glaciers converted to evil. Dwarven civs that should be dead were slabbed during world gen.
Raws were modified to lower attack triggers of (semi)megabeasts (to 14) and civs (to 1, 1, 1), and goblins were made to start on glaciers exclusively.
I don't expect any of those changes to have any effect on the issue.
The civ is a dead slabbed one, so all migrants are void dwarves.
No save supplied, as I assume it wouldn't add anything except a confirmation that the issue described exists in it.
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I should note that this also happens with children, individuals who are unwilling to marry migrating in with a child in tow--since in a mod I have entire castes that preclude marriage, events like these stick out like a sore thumb.

I have a save that I can provide which demonstrates both of these bugs, if that's needed.