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0010549Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Itemspublic2018-02-02 03:222018-02-02 03:22
0010549: Clothes, armor and weapons, brought by adventurer, not avaible after embark
If adventurer bring weapons and armor to new fortress place, new fortress militia cannot use them after embark.
1. Start a fortress
2. Create armor and weapons
3. Retire fortress
4. Create an adventurer and take those armor and weapons
5. Bring items in new place
6. Retire adv
7. Embark on this place for new fortress
8. Reclaim items
9. Create militia and try to assign the brough armor and weapons to them

Items cannot be used for military, however counted by bookkeeper and can be melted.
There are saves:
http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=13478 [^]
Region1 is the save after second embark, region1_adv_start is save with adventurer.

I started a megaprojects, where few fortresses linked into one railway.
So I use this railway to bring a few armor, weapons and cloth bins to new settlements.

I taken the items, go to the minecart, fill it with items through [p]ut->minecart
Then interact with minecart through [u]->Ride and bring the minecart to new settlement. Adventurer leave the minecart there and rest in old fortress.

After that I started a new fortress in right place. Yes, the minecart is there. Inside it were all armor and weapons but all bins were empty.

I reclaim items and dwarves empty minecart by dumping track stop.
I assign new militia commander with metal armor uniform and replace clothing. He stayed absolutely naked and don't use weapons and armor. Also I cannot assign them by choosing "specific weapon/armor".
But items still were avaible for melting and counted by bookkeeper.

After that I checked that items, which not brought in minecarts, are still unavaible for military usage.
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