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0010562Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Locationspublic2018-02-06 07:062018-02-06 10:35
0010562: bugged musical performance, bugged instruments
There is a musical performance that is bugged, and creates bugged instruments.
If you look at the tavern (the save is zoomed on it), there's an instrument (carambola wood kin) lying on the floor, with a TSK on it. There another bugged instrument in the coffer right next to the kin, a jet megid.
Both are in a state of existing and not existing. You cannot remove the TSK from them by forbidding them. They will not be available in the trade depot menu (the game thinks they aren't available). They can also not be dumped. The dump button is greyed out. The only way to get rid of them is using DFHack's 'autodump destroy-here' command.
They are consistantly reproducable. The one in the chest is still counted towards the number of instruments present in the tavern on the locations screen, the one on the floor isn't.
This bug has existed since the fort was founded 34 years ago.
- Destroy the bugged items.
- Create a new kin and/or megid at the craftsdwarf workshop on the F4 quickzoom level. They don't need components, so that should be quick and easy.
- Look at your tavern until you see 4 people performing a musical piece, with or without dancers.
- Odds are good that this is the bugged musical piece that creates the bugged items. You will see two dwarves that have actually gotten the kin and megid from the coffer holding the instrument, yet having a 'simulate kin', and 'simulate megid' job, instead of 'play kin' and 'play megid'.
When the performance is over, the kin will be dropped on the floor, and the megid stored in the coffer, and you will have two new bugged isntruments with a TSK on them
save: http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=13492 [^]
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correction: they can be tasked for dumping (or otherwise autodump destroy-here wouldn't work), but they won't be dumped because they're already (still) tasked.

I confused them with the various bugged scrolls and books you can find strew throughout the fort, those are created when a semi-permanent resident becomes a full citizen and drops his owned books, and are also created when a dwarf that was on a read job is drafted, starts sparring, and is grabbed by the book by a sparring partner, or it ends up on the floor in some other way during sparring.
Those have a greyed out dump button.
2018-02-06 10:35   
Abandoned musical instruments are 0009485 (the fix for 0001027 added a 'TSK' indicator).

As for your books:

1) Original writings are treated as artifacts, and artifacts are intentionally undumpable.
2) Items wrestled away from a foe may be automatically forbidden, and artifacts do not show the braces to indicate forbidden status.
3) Some imported books have a 'merchant' flag (0010288)