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0010564Dwarf FortressPathfindingpublic2018-02-07 03:282018-02-08 06:50
LinuxXubuntu16.04 Xenial
0010564: 0.44.05 pathing causing crash plus bugged pitting
In center of fortress on 1st subterranean floor are 3 levers. Pulling the northern lever causes bridge between trap and pitting holes and animal storage to rise closing the gate, but it also causes crash and freezes game. The significant there is the blinking bait-dog in corridor with traps behind the bridge. Pasturing it and then binding back at his post removes the crash.

On the mass pit are trolls ready to be thrown down the pit. However in left right corner is troll Snang. Every pitting releases him. Even if there are built cage traps around, which will recapture him. Every following attempt to pit this troll ends with freeing him inside of fortress. There is an error message in errorlog.txt reporting one troll getting bugged with its pathing during siege. The errorlog.txt like the both init files are included with the save.

The only modification in the game is position of adamantine and platinum in inorganic_materials.txt and that "waffles" are missing from adamantine and platinum got added "[ITEMS_WEAPON][ITEMS_WEAPON_RANGED]".
Load the save from http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=13496 [^]
-To crash game pull northern of 3 levers located in center of fortress.
-To observe pit's fail just assign troll Snang (he is in bottom right corner of the pit's animal storage) or just assign all trolls to be thrown down the pit.
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Thank you for the save. Pulling the lever on windows made the game unresponsive, but didn't directly crash. Possibly related to 0010201.