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0010569Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Haulingpublic2018-02-10 07:092018-02-10 07:09
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0010569: Trade goods hauling defies burrows
I have a dorf who's unable to stand and thus moves at a crawl (literally, presumably), so I've burrowed him with the kids (who I don't want to let out to face invaders and tuberculosis inducing evil rain [permanent vanilla effect of coughing blood, not hacked]). Despite that, he's crawling out of the burrow to fetch trade goods.
Presumably reproduced by having dwarves burrowed with trade goods hauling enabled when a caravan is in and the trade goods is outside the burrow.
In my case the goods are probably junk scuttled by an elven caravan due to evil rain. I've observed this dorf crawl outside during previous caravan visits as well.
I'm not sure what's worse: defying the burrow to perform the task, or spam cancellation because the job can't be performed, but the latter is probably worse. The bug should probably be fixed together with burrow cancellation spamming.

LNP r02, Phoebus tile set, raws changed to lower attack triggers for (semi)megabeasts, civ siege triggers all set to 1, and having goblins start exclusively on glaciers. PSV world where all regions were DFHacked to have all legal plants/animals, all glaciers hacked to evil, and civs that should be dead slabbed during world gen.
I don't expect any of these changes to affect the issue.
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