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0010571Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Invasionspublic2018-02-12 01:472018-02-12 01:47
Windows10 / 7multiple
0010571: Spawning Invaders outside of the map
When embarking on a map with slopes or dense trees an interesting behaviour can be reliably reproduced. If an invasion is spawned on a slope that is only 2 tiles wide (e.g. a ramp up to the right and a channel down on the left) the game fails to spawn part of the invaders that follow the squad leader (some of the simply spawn in the wall/slope/air) but creates all the items they would carry right at the border of the map. Trees growing right at the mapedge result in the same issue.

You can see all the items in the stock overview when you have a bookkeeper assigned. They are forbidden and marked red for them being "not accessable".
- Embark on a slopy area
- Assign a bookkeeper and set its accuracy to all counts accurate
- Have an invasion on the slopy part of your embarl
- watch how only two or three (as much as open tiles are available) spawn per tick
- check stock overview and look for forbidden armor / ammo / cloth
- zoom to location will bring you to the map location from where the invasion started
- Game was modded (DFHack)
- Two addidtional races were added
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