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0010573Dwarf FortressPathfindingpublic2018-02-12 06:472018-02-12 13:37
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0010573: Moody dwarf tries to path through closed bridge
I had a dwarf in a strange mood trying to find a workshop and my FPS dropped to nearly 0 because he was actually behind a raised bridge. Still the pathfinder tried to path through the bridge and only once I opened it the dwarf rushed to the masons workshop and my FPS resettled at a good 70 FPS averga (very young fort).
- Make a small room locked with a raised bridge
- wait for a dwarf to get a mood
- drop him into the room using the teleport script of DFhack OR have all your mood related workshops behind locked bridges
- Watch your FPS crumble to dust
- DFHack used
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duplicate of 0003869assigned Footkerchief Drop in FPS when moody dwarf can't path to workshop 
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