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0010576Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Militarypublic2018-02-15 05:492018-02-15 05:49
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0010576: Mercenary sent on mission doesn't return after being removed from squad
I sent one of my squads on a raid... the raid completed, the squad returned... but one very slow-moving dwarven mercenary (weak and weighed down with armor) still showed as "traveling". While I waited for him to return, I decided to rearrange my military squads. I took him out of the squad he was in, but couldn't add him to the new squad...

It's been months now, and the only sign that he's still out there somewhere is his name on the "Locations" screen (with no profession).
I haven't tried to reproduce, but I expect removing a mercenary from a squad while the squad is out on a mission would be enough to reproduce the bug.
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