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0010580: Expedition leader interrupted by petitions keeps hauling carried objects to "meeting location"
My expedition leader doesn't get much done because most of the time is spent traveling to and from "meeting locations" in the library or the museum (linked to tavern). This is made worse by the cancellation of the task of hauling whatever to wherever doesn't result in the dropping of the item, but laborious hauling of it to the "meeting location", where the item is dropped after the meeting, to, usually, be hauled back by someone else.
This is just one case of a wider issue: when militia is set to train, they haul whatever they were carrying to the training facilities, when set to a station carried items are dropped once the station is reached, when a civilian alert is enabled haulers "flee" carrying that precious boulder away from the building site at a snail's pace as the FB approaches at a run, and enabling a normal burrow on someone hauling something targeted for a location outside of the burrow results in very high frequency cancellation spam.
In all of these cases a job is cancelled/suspended, but the job item is not dropped until after the interrupting order has been fulfilled (boulders/logs are dropped as soon as the civilian alert burrow is entered, and militia carried items are dropped once the barracks target location has been reached) rather than dropping the item(s) immediately and then proceeding to the interrupting target.
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0002561 covers activated military hauling