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0010582Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Artifactspublic2018-02-18 12:362018-02-18 14:13
0010582: No report about stolen artifact generated
An artifact was stolen from my fortress. I only noticed this on the 'c' screen as I could generate mission to recover it.

I got artifact three dwarven questers for this artifact. The artifact is 'last held' by some human. There was no warning in-game and no mention of the stealing in the gamelog.

It would be nice to get a warning about a stolen artifact, like when a kea steals a sock.
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2018-02-18 14:13   
I've gotten a messages about an artifact being stolen (presumably some book lying on the surface after some visitor slaughtered by invaders, as I hadn't produced any myself at the time).
Thus, there is a message that appears at least in some cases. I don't think a pause was generated though, so if you've got a lot of messages rolling it it would be easy to miss it.