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0010587Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Haulingpublic2018-02-20 11:402018-02-20 11:40
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0010587: Damaged cage with prisoner hauled to refuse stockpile rather than animal stockpile
I had executed all ogre prisoners, but found one still remaining in the other units list. Zooming to it I found it was in the refuse stockpile, inside a badly (XX) worn cage. It is probably the same cage that survived a fire started by a dragon earlier, while still in a cage trap (damage at least X).

It is not desirable to have prisoners sitting in the refuse stockpile as time bombs to be released when the cage finally gets destroyed, so before hauling damaged cages to the refuse stockpile it should probably be checked that they are empty.
Using the LNP r02 with the Phoebus tile set and DFHack "performance tweaks". However I believe discarding of badly damaged items is a vanilla functionality.
The world is a PSV world where raws have been modified to lower attack triggers of (semi)megabeasts, all civ siege triggers have been set to 1, and goblins have been set to start on glaciers exclusively. During world gen all regions were hacked to contain all plants/animals supported by their biomes, all glaciers were set to be evil, and playable civs that ought to be dead were slabbed. When embarking the dead civs were added to the list of available ones, and one of those was selected.
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