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0010589: Liason, but no caravan, yet still get caravan messages.
The liaison showed up, though without a caravan. He had the offer to elevate some dwarf to some position. When I refused, he did his usual leaving. I was fine with it.

I was waiting, hoping a caravan would eventually show. None did. I thought whatever. I checked in the trade depot, there were no merchants or anything. I checked unit lists, no merchants. So i went about my business.

Then, however, I suddenly got a message saying the merchants would be leaving soon. OH MERCHANTS! So I went up to the top, and started stuffing the trade depot with roasts of all types, to get some trading in before they head out! And call in someone, anyone, to trade! Roasts pile in, someone hops in to trade... and I still don't have the option to open the trade window (though I did have the option to choose items to trade). I look at the depot. There's no huge amount of merchant stuff, and no merchant guards around. Odd... I check the unit list. Despite being able to put items in the depot, and getting merchant messages, there are, in fact, no merchants.
Don't quite know. It just sort of happened when it happened. I'll have to wait a year to see if it happens again.
I am saving a copy of the world. Please tell me where to place the file; I can't quite remember.

Note: I do have my own glasses and glazes mod in place. I've been getting it updated for this version (and fixing a large number of errors it seems I had had - I'm embarrassed!). This fort is supposed to be my first big trial run of that. I don't believe anything I did would have caused this; everything I did was just minerals and reactions, but it might be important to know just in case.
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NOTE: There seem to be no 'phantom caravans', and I am not getting any 'Travel advisory' error in the errorlog. This distinguishes it from 0009593, which is similar but because of these differences, slightly different (I think).

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Please upload your save to DFFD ( http://dffd.bay12games.com/ [^] ) and post a link in this report.