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PCWindows10, 64bit
0010591: Reassignment of rooms for Nobles
Reassignment of rooms for Nobles has to be done if they are part of a Military squad who has left for a mission. I had a Mayor who left to retrieve an artifact and when they returned I had to reassign them their bedroom/dining hall/office. This can be intended, but I believe this can cause issues like the reduction in total population when squads leave for missions as well.
1. Have a noble be part of a military squad.
2. Assign a room (dining hall or office as example)
3. Send squad with the noble off on a mission.
4. Confirm the rooms become unassigned.
5. Once you have the noble return checking the noble screen indicateds they have missing needs (rooms assigned)
I have a save prior to sending the squad out if needed, but this appears to be minor. Let me know if it needs to be uploaded.
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duplicate of 0010470confirmed Loci Sending a dwarf to a mission removes its assignation from the furniture 
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